The Macon Duplicate Bridge Club believes that everyone can be polite and experience enjoyment while playing a competitive and high-level duplicate bridge game.  MDBC strives to provide a pleasant atmosphere for all levels of players.  Machine dealt hands and scores computed electronically for every game.


Good news for all Novice and Intermediate players!  MDBC is starting a new game every Thursday at 1:00 pm beginning October 17, 2019. Lunch will be served at about noon for this special day. 

All players with less than 150 masterpoints will be eligible to play in this new game and the regular game Tuesday at 6:30 pm.

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Want to see how MDBC stacks up to similar clubs?

Maybe you can brainstorm some actions that will improve table count.  Evaluate the most recent activities with Pros and Cons. 

Click MDBC Comparisons for a PDF.

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REGIONAL     Mar 22-28, 2021Marriott Macon City Center 240 Coliseum Drive Macon, GA 31217PH: (478)621-5300

Macon Tournament Archives

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